Model Engineering Toolkit (MET)

MET is composed a set of collaborative application components that can be rapidly and seamlessly integrated to address various model-related engineering requirements. It is designed to significantly reduce the engineering effort required to perform various engineering tasks in model-related projects. By leveraging its off-the-shelf components, new solutions can be quickly deployed and recomposed to address specific project requirements.

MET was originally designed to support our consulting services in the areas of CIM-based model exchange, EMS external network modeling, and operational-to-planning model conversion, etc. Later the related components and the tools were re-engineered as out-of-the-box components that can be easily integrated with other applications through a set of well-defined APIs in C++, Python, and Web Services. Some of the client application modules, such as Schematic One-line Auto-generator and Geo-schematic Diagram Builder, can be exposed as standalone RESTful client applications where each graphical display is uniquely identified by a URL. By embedding the related URLs in your client applications, you can leverage our state-of-the-art one-line auto-generation capabilities effortlessly.

MET has been successfully applied to deliver large model-related projects. It is aimed at providing you with a proven starting point, from which to build your robust and extensible model engineering applications and shorten your project schedule.