CIM data engineering solution kit (CIMdesk)

CIMdesk is a customized version of CIMSpy. It was specifically built for European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) and its 41 Transmission System Operator (TSO) members in 34 European countries.

CIMdesk was configured and enhanced to support ENTSO-E Common Grid Model Exchange Standard (CGMES). It enables users to assemble a region-wide model based on the boundary set specified by ENTSO-E. The assembled region-wide model can be then shared by TSO members to perform various studies, such as power flow, short circuit, and dynamics study. CIMdesk strictly enforces special modeling rules and restrictions specified by ENTSO-E, such as naming conventions. Today, passing CIMdesk validation is mandatory for TSO members to submit their portions of the model to ENTSO-E. CIMdesk has been used to support the ENTSO-E Interoperability (IOP) Tests since 2009.

CIMdesk is currently maintained by Power Info under a maintenance contract with ENTSO-E. Under this contract, Power Info is authorized to license CIMdesk to any potential users. While CIMdesk shares majority of the CIMSpy's functionalities, it evolves under the guidance of ENTSO-E. For vendors working with ENTSO-E TSOs, we recommend licensing CIMdesk.

For more information, please visit CIMSpy and CIMSpy/CIMdesk Fact Sheet.

Enhanced Features

  • ENTSO-E CIM Extensions
  • Validation against CGMES Profiles
  • ENTSO-E Naming Conventions
  • Support for Both Node/Breaker and Bus/Branch
  • Boundary Set (XNoode) Modeling
  • Region-wide Model Assembling
  • Profile-based Data Group Merging
  • Short Circuit Modeling
  • Dynamics Modeling
  • Diagram Exchange Support
  • Power Flow Visualization
  • Network Topology Analysis
  • Multi-language Support
  • Support of CGMES Implementation Guide
  • Python Scripting