CIMSpy Enterprise Edition (CIMSpy EE)

CIMSpy EE is a standard-based model exploratory tool designed to address the emerging open model exchange and information integration requirements in the power industry. Built upon Common Information Model (CIM) and its related IEC standards, CIMSpy EE provides comprehensive data engineering functions and rich user experience to help you understand and analyze your CIM-based power system models.

More specifically, CIMSpy EE is designed to provide an integrated data engineering environment in support of CIM-based model exchange, application integration, and information sharing. Users can load CIM-compliant models into the tool from various sources and perform a variety of data engineering functionalities, including model browsing, visualization, validation, editing, comparison, merging, partitioning, and incremental update. The engineered models can be further exported into various formats ready to be consumed by other CIM-compliant information infrastructures.

Designed as a model-driven enterprise application, CIMSpy EE provides a set of infrastructure and application modules that can be readily assembled or configured to meet various project needs, ranging from standard-based model exchange to exploratory data analysis. The customization is typically accomplished by changing the metadata and configurations.

CIMSpy EE was built as a distributed Web-based application, enabling your CIM information to be shared within or among the organizations. The standard release, however, is configured as a desktop application to facilitate the installation and use on a local PC/laptop. It can be easily reconfigured to support multiple users in a shared environment. CIMSpy EE also supports connection to CIM-compliant databases. It enables users to load models from or submit model changes to the connected databases.


Case Studies

Since the introduction, CIMSpy EE and its derived tools have been widely adopted in the CIM communities, as demonstrated in the following reality-based use cases:

Case A: CIM-Based Model Exchange

In support of CIM-based model exchanging, CIMdesk (a customized version of CIMSpy EE) was delivered to ENTSO-E and its 41 Transmission System Operators (TSOs) in 34 European countries in July 2009. Today passing CIMdesk validation is mandatory for TSOs to submit models to ENTSO-E.

Case B: Region-Wide Model Sharing

Since 2010, some of the WECC Balancing Authorities (BAs) have started the projects aimed to update their external EMS models using WECC’s West-wide System Model (WSM). CIMSpy EE provides comprehensive model browsing, query, and visualization functions, helping project engineers understand WSM and test the merged models.

Case C: CIM-Related Project Delivery

CIMSpy EE is also licensed by EMS, MMS, and OMS vendors to support delivery of CIM-related projects. Project engineers leverage its powerful validation function to debug the exchanged model and its interactive visualization capability to assist network application development.

Key Features

Comprehensive Model Browsing Features

CIMSpy EE provides comprehensive model browsing features in support of exploratory data analysis. These features, including multi-view presentations, smart navigations, intelligent information searching, and visual data mining, are designed to help users seek the useful information from large volume of data.

Data Driven Presentation

Built as a data-driven tool, CIMSpy EE transforms the domain model into a variety of presentation formats, including hierarchical, tabular, and graphical displays, to facilitate model browsing. Because of this data driven design philosophy, CIMSpy EE presentation works with any versions of CIM, standard or extended.

Industry Leading Performance and Scalability

CIMSpy EE offers the industry leading performance and scalability. It is capable of importing very large RTO/ISO CIM/XML files of GB size within a few minutes on a modern PC. Once the model is loaded, model browsing becomes an instant effort, regardless of size of the loaded model.

Powerful Model Validation

CIMSpy EE provides both schema-driven and rule-based model validators, ensuring you receive the right data in the right format. It checks not only the standard conformance but also some domain-specific modeling constraints, such as those related to network topology modeling.

Interactive Model Visualization

CIMSpy EE provides a state-of-the-art model visualization capability, enabling users to explore the model intuitively and interactively. In response to user's request, the tool auto-generates various types of graphical one-line diagrams to display the physical/electrical configurations of power grids at different levels.

Rich User Experience

CIMSpy EE delivers users a rich look-and-feel user experience. It yields the power of visualization to users, enabling users to explore the information at their own will. Additionally, it allows users to customize look and feel of the graphical displays and persist these customizations as a personal profile.

Graphical Model Editing

The graphical model editing function of CIMSpy EE was designed to assist users to build and maintain the CIM-based power system models in a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get style. It provides advanced modeling features, such as templates and data entry wizards, enabling users to perform routine model maintenance effortlessly.

Visual Analytics for BigData

Designed to support BigData analytics, CIMSpy EE provides a rich set of infrastructural support and data mining techniques to help users seek business intelligence from large and multidimensional collections of information. Acting upon the findings, it then creates data-driven visualizations to foster insight and enable knowledge discovery.